The all-in-one platform for
controlling project financials

Cloud software for specialist subcontractors

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Transform your projects

Use a project management framework to streamline processes & eliminate errors

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Transform your business

Maximise profit with award-winning software, proven to support sustained business growth

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Increase efficiency

Standardise documentation &
easily comply with quality standards

control spending

Control spending

Control & analyse spend,
eliminating unnecessary over-paying


Work smarter

Make informed business &
project decisions using real-time data


Key features



  • Import bills, take-off quantities & use templates to quickly define project scope
  • Access a personalised database of supplier rates to price jobs swiftly
  • Create professional tender documentation, material/labour bills & budgets

Value engineering

  • Quickly swap & compare products, brands & suppliers to establish the best solution
  • Be more competitive & improve client service by providing a range of options
  • Easily re-cost secured projects to maximise buying gains & margins


  • Collaborate efficiently, by using one system for all purchases, deliveries & invoices
  • Eliminate ordering materials based on gut feel & paying suppliers on trust
  • Easily analyse budgets, spend, accruals, rebates & more, using real-time reports


  • Capture, price & communicate all variations using one seamless process
  • Instantly see the impact of variations on materials, labour & financial projections
  • Manage, report & analyse both chargeable and non-recoverable variations


  • Simplify how you verify & approve incoming subcontract labour applications
  • Avoid overpaying subcontractors, by easily identifying if they have over-booked
  • Review real-time labour reports & always know any deviation from budget


  • Record live progress onsite & download detailed reports for substantiation
  • Produce valuations instantly, including accrued costs, work in progress & variations
  • Generate applications for payment in one click, including all materials onsite
cost reporting

Cost reporting

  • View live project performance, eliminating manual Cost Value Reconciliations
  • Track projected revenues, margins, costs-to-complete & other KPIs for all projects
  • Use real-time insights to make critical project & business decisions without delay


Services to support you



With Chalkstring you will:

Use one platform for all projects
Apply defined & consistent processes
Standardise documentation
Automate repetitive tasks
Eradicate data duplication
Adopt a project management framework
Comply with ISO & quality procedures
Work from anywhere, using the cloud
View project data in real-time
Identify early warnings & take action
Control & analyse spend better
& over-paying
Accurately predict cost-to-complete
Make data-driven, informed decisions
Scale & grow your business


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