Why onsite admin is killing your team’s productivity

This blog explores how traditional systems and processes for collating, sharing and managing data impact upon the efficiency of a construction project.

Productivity in the construction industry is hampered by manual and unconnected processes, which could be considered both surprising and concerning in today’s digital age. Managing onsite financial administration, such as take offs, orders, progress reports and interim valuations, is often a manual and error prone task.

And if you’re like many other construction contractors, your teams will spend lots of time compiling progress records, applications, orders and certifications, or calculating what materials are lying onsite unused.

Many contractors rely on multiple systems, which means that collating up-to-date information is not only time consuming for key and costly onsite personnel, it often results in time being spent reinventing the wheel.

Add in the fact that manual processes mean there isn’t an easy audit trail for other members of the project team to follow, and you can easily see how much time is spent on repetitive, but necessary, manual data creation, collation and reporting.

Sound familiar? If so, then your business’s processes could be killing your team’s productivity. But fear not, there’s an easy fix for this.

Chalkstring can help

Administration is a fact of life, and to comply with both internal and external audit requirements, standardised processes and procedures are a necessity.

When managed manually, administration hits both productivity and the bottom line, however integrated project cost management software, like Chalkstring, removes the admin burden.

It alleviates onerous and repetitive tasks by fully automating jobs such as applications for payment, take offs, rate build ups and quotation requests, for both contract and variation scope.

By using software you could automate the manual, daily repetitive tasks, freeing up your teams to take more projects on, with no additional resource. Imagine if you could deliver more projects with the same resource and make more money – it’s a no-brainer.

See how Chalkstring can make your projects more efficient.